How do I maintain my hair clipper?

How to take care of your clipper and look after the blade.

After every use:

  • Remove the hair clippings from the blade set with the cleaning brush provided.
  • If a thorough cleaning is required, the blade set can be removed.
  • After cleaning the blade set, we recommend using Wahl hygienic spray. It keeps all blade sets hygienically clean and is effective against bacteria and viruses.
  • Oil the blade set with the blade oil. Watch how to oil blades here
  • Oiling and cleaning of the blade set protects against corrosion and helps the blade to last longer. 
  • Switch the appliance on briefly (approx. 10 seconds) to ensure the oil film is evenly distributed.
  • Only wipe the appliance with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

If the cutting performance deteriorates after long use despite regular cleaning and oiling, the blade set should be replaced.


Do not store the trimmer in a wet or moist environment.

Never immerse the appliance in water or any other liquid.