Blade Cleaning and Assembly - Colour Pro Cordless

If you are experiencing issues with the blade on your Colour Pro Cordless, here are some helpful guides to troubleshoot the problem.

Fig. A

Blade Assembly: Parts 

Fig A

  1. Bottom blade
  2. Top blade and black blade cam follower
  3. Blade assembly mount
  4. Screws
  5. Tension spring

Removing the blade

  1. Press your thumbs against the teeth of the blade and push away from the clipper (Fig B)Fig. B
  2. The blade assembly will come away from the clipper as a complete unit (Fig C)
    Fig. C

WARNING - the blade screws (Fig A - 4) should NEVER be removed

Cleaning and Oiling 

  1. Once the blade has been removed use a soft brush to clean away and hair or dirt

  2. Oil the blade with a drop of oil in the 5 positions  (Fig D)

    Fig. D

  3. Wipe away any excess oil

  4. Replace the blade, the clip on the bottom of the blade assembly should be located in the bottom of the clipper housing, then push the top of the blade back towards the clipper      (Fig E)

    Fig. E

Trouble Shooting

  1. If your clipper is no longer cutting correctly, snagging the hair or has become load / noisy please follow the steps above to clean and oil the blade
  2. Oiling should be carried out at first use and after every cut - ensure excess oil is wiped away
  3. Clipper not holding charge - a dry, dirty and stiff blade will drastically reduce the run time of the clipper - clean and oil regularly
  4. Should your clipper continue to be noisy or not cutting correctly after cleaning and oiling, you should follow the instructions below for checking the tension spring (Fig A - 5)
  5. If you have removed the blade screws (Fig A - 4) you should follow the instructions below

Checking the Blade Tension Spring or Assembling the Blade after the Blade Screws have been Removed


  1. Remove blade from clipper (see Removing the blade above)
  2. Check the Blade tension Spring is mounted correctly (Fig F)

Fig. F

The Top Blade (Fig A - 2) should be seated as circled in Green in Fig F there should be no gap, as circled in Red in Fig F

Should there be a gap the tension spring will need to be re-mounted correctly

Removing and Re-fitting the Blade Tension Spring

  1. First remove the Top blade from the blade assembly, lift the two arms of the tension spring off of the black blade cam follower and slide out the Top Blade (Fig A - 2)
  2. The blade in Fig H - 2 shows the Tension Spring in the wrong place, the blade at the top of Fig H is how it should look
  3. To re-fit the tension spring first remove the blade screws as shown in Fig G, then locate the centre part of the spring under the bottom blade, as seen on top blade in Fig H, and re-fit the screws (the spring will be under tension making this process a little tricky)
    Fig. G
    Fig. H
  4. Re-fit the Top Blade under the 2 spring arms
  5. Oil and re-fit the blade to the clipper