Lister Eclipse: The lights on my Eclipse battery are not coming on. What do I do?

If none of the LED signals are illuminating, this means that the battery is fully discharged.

> Fully charge the battery pack for 130 minutes > Ensure the battery has been charged and discharged 3 times to reach full capacity.

> Check the outlet and connections of the charging stand are undamaged and fully functional. If the LED signals are still not illuminating, there are a few other factors that should be checked.

> Remove the battery from the clipper and check that the terminals are free of foreign objects and dirt.

> Try charging the battery from different mains outlets to ensure power supply is not the issue.

> Check connections, ensuring cables are installed in the correct orientation and the battery is secured correctly to the connectors in the charging stand and clipper. Once all of the above factors have been explored and verified, if the LED signals are still not illuminating, it could be the results of a faulty battery. This should be logged with Lister.