Can I have my own blades sharpened?

Blade Sharpening, for sharpenable blades only

Wahl Blade Sharpening offers the chance to have your own blunt blades sharpened, as long as your blade set is sharpenable. Blades must be in a complete and undamaged condition to qualify for this service.

Wahl Blade Sharpening prices.
Screw on blades £7.50 (Top & Bottom blades are required)

Snap on blades £8.50 (please do not dismantle the blade set)

Trimmer blades are non sharpenable, due to the fineness of the teeth, a new blade can be purchased

Terms & Conditions

  • Delivery time for Sharpening is 7 working days from receipt of order/payment.
  • Wahl (UK) Ltd has the right to refuse any damaged blades. Blades for the sharpening service must be in a complete, clean, undamaged condition. The Technician has a right to refuse any blade that is deemed un sharpenable due to wear and tear, rust or broken teeth.  Any blades unsuitable for sharpening will be returned to the customer unsharpened and a refund issued within 14 days.
  • Wahl Blade Sharpening does don't include a fitting service.
  • All orders under £10 are subject to a delivery charge.


How do I book my blades in for sharpening?

Please contact: E-mail: providing your contact number and the blades you wish to have sharpened.  One of our Customer Service Team will contact you shortly.

Once payment has been confirmed, a reference will be issued. Your blades will need to be securely packaged in a small box or jiffy bag. Ensuring your reference number is clearly stated on the outside of the packaging before returning.

Payment will be required before any repair work is completed.

Replacement blades can also be purchased direct from our website.